Celebrating a milestone

Published January 9, 2017

Even as we look forward to our next steps to change lives and transform communities for Christ as Cayce UMC, we claim the many ways we have been deliberate in that mission throughout our history. In 2017, we celebrate a milestone in our ministry. On April 14, 1957, it was Palm Sunday; on that date Cayce Methodist Church held its first worship service in the current sanctuary. That date marked our formal move from the old Holland Avenue site to our current campus on 12th Street.

Although the formal opening was on Easter Sunday of 1957, Palm Sunday marked the first service and also when a confirmation class was received. We will hear more about that special confirmation class of 60 years ago at a later time, but for now, let’s celebrate and claim the myriad ministries that have happened here in those decades. Surely, we can calculate the number of Sunday worship services held or Sunday School classes taught at 1600 12th Street. We could fetch old conference journals from the archives and see compile budgets from every year and other interesting numbers.

Yet, the bottom line remains. Cayce UMC has done more that calculate, count, or compile over the years. The people of this church have been front and center in this community, the conference, and the world. We have left a mark. We have made a difference. Thankfully, we still seek to make that mark moving into the future by making a difference through changing lives and transforming lives for Christ.

Congratulations, Cayce UMC! You have achieved another milestone. May future generations celebrate our faithfulness just as we claim the faithfulness of those of 1957.