It happened….

Published December 28, 2016

It happened. The congregation did it. On December 11, 2016, church members crowded together into Chambers Hall. The District Superintendent, the Rev. Dr. Cathy Jamieson, called us to order. A motion was made and it was seconded. At a little before 10am, a church conference of Cayce United Methodist Church unanimously adopted a comprehensive long range plan.

Now, the true work begins. It won’t be just the pastor and the church council doing the work but the passionate people of this congregation. Our long range plan is not just a plan, it outlines a flexible process for implementation. That means that now it is up to the church to work together (as we say in our vision, “together, we are better”) through various task forces to do the work of ministry in a focused and accountable way.

We will need church members and people from the community who are interested in forming a youth ministry team to organize and implement ministries for, with and by teenagers. We will need people passionate about working to strengthen relations between our community public safety organizations and the public they serve and protect. We will need individuals to reach out to those saints who grew up at CUMC, were nurtured in the faith here, and who have grown and gone elsewhere to live and serve the Lord they discovered in this place. We claim their ministry in other places; we want them to always claim and remember their roots here.

By your unanimous affirmation of December 11, this congregation glanced backward as it caught the vision moving forward. You claimed your heritage of 103 years ago, when together, a group of people started this church. Decades later, when our church on Holland Avenue burned, it was the congregation moving forward together, not only to this plot of land, but to a way of mission and ministry for a growing community. Now, at the turn of the new year, the congregation moves forward together yet again with a clear mission, a renewed vision and a deliberate plan. Together, we will do those things that change lives and transform communities as we look to the decades ahead. Indeed, together, we are better.