Life Trials and Tribulations

Published July 26, 2017

It has been said that the trials of life bring out the best in us. And when the best comes out, we all benefit. The story goes of a man in the early 1900’s named Clarence who looked forward on a warm spring day to a picnic lunch on the small island in the pond near the edge of town with the girl he planned to ask to marry him. As he rowed the boat to the island with his Intended and a picnic basket aboard, he realized it was going to be warmer than he originally thought. However, an oak tree provided shade enough until after lunch. The Intended said, “I would love some ice cream. Wouldn’t that be nice to have under the oak? I’ll be fine here.” So into the boat for ice cream Clarence went. When he returned, “Oh, I forgot to tell you I wanted some chocolate syrup.” Back in the boat the day was getting hotter and so was Clarence! The afternoon done, Clarence had an idea. By nighttime Clarence Evinrude had invented the outboard motor. What a “sweet” result of one man’s trial.

Not all trials work out for fun and games. Sometimes trials come for more serious benefits for the needs of others. Paul writes that God comforts us in our tribulations that we may comfort others in their tribulations with the comfort God gave us! (2 Cor.1:4) We cannot help others without having that which is needed to meet the needs of others. Sometimes trials come our way for the benefit of others; but not only that. James says to count it as joy when we have various trials because of the good we get from them. They produce patience which, when perfected, would make us complete, lacking nothing.

Though we are traveling toward the Glory Road, we are not there yet. Here we are on the road of sanctification, being made useful for the Lord’s service. Sometimes that means trials may come, but in God’s hands blessings will abound in it for many, including you.-

Pastor Ben