Miracles in Cayce?

Published March 22, 2017

On Sunday, January 8, 1956, the calm of the afternoon ended with a tragic fire at Cayce Methodist Church on Holland Avenue. The sanctuary was a total loss. Can you imagine the feeling of the congregation at the sight? Salvaged from the inferno was the pulpit bible; the old church bell was intact as well. The congregation arranged to meet at Cayce Grammar School for worship. But for how long? How long would that temporary solution have to work? There was property nearby on 12th Street and a building committee had been formed; but there was only $3,500 in the building fund.

By the grace and guidance of God, Cayce Methodist Church had its first worship service at 1600 12th Street on April 14, 1957. At the new site there was the sanctuary, fellowship hall, Sunday School building, and parsonage.The church bell from Holland Avenue was installed in the tall steeple which could be seen for blocks around the church. I invite you to reflect on that accomplishment for a moment. In fifteen months, funds were acquired (from insurance, as well as new funds raised as well as funds borrowed) plans drawn and the church buildings completed. These weren’t sheet metal outbuildings or temporary quarters. It is the sanctuary and most of the buildings you see today. Can you imagine the planning, coordination and implementation that had to occur in that short amount of time?

The bible is full of stories of miracles. We read of the weak, the last, the lost, and the broken who are favored by God and able to do mighty and glorious things in His name. I believe we have such a story that comes not from the pages of the old or new testament, but from our own experience… from the very heritage of Cayce UMC. If God was able to perform those wonders through our spiritual ancestors in 1956-57, what can God do through us in 2017-18? Are we ready for what God will do next in surprising, unexpected ways?